About Us

Our aim at the Springwater Stud is to spread the word about Dartmoor Ponies. Katy’s first pony was a Dartmoor pony called Boveycombe Zeus and he was every mother’s dream. Gently forward going, he was bombproof and 100% safe but not a slug! He gave Katy lots of fun and confidence. We believe most Dartmoor ponies will do the same for the children who ride them.

Dartmoor ponies are willing to please and very placid. Many Dartmoor ponies are willing to jump with enthusiasm. Our breeding programme is aimed at producing Dartmoor ponies that will give children the wonderful experience of a good ride, but will do so entirely safely. The Dartmoor Pony is likely to become your child’s best friend as the photo taken more than twenty years ago shows.

I had a terrible panic one evening as Katy (then aged 6) had disappeared from her bedroom.

This is where I found her………. in the farmyard, reading bedtime stories to Zeus.

Over the years we are proud to say the stud has won many of the leading titles in the Dartmoor showing world with major wins at shows all over the country.