Springwater Country Love

Date of Birth: 11/05/2005



  • DPS Mare of the Year 2010
  • DPS Youngster of the Year 2008


Hisley Craftsman
Teignhead King of Clubs
Hisley Salvo
Teignhead Queen of Diamonds
Hisley Charisma
Hisley Salvo
Hisley Caviar
Moortown Busy Bee
Catesbay Crusader II
Oatlands Mr McGregor
Busy Bee V
Moortown Bright Beauty
Brown Berry III
Granine II
Shilstone Rocks Atlantic Gale
Brandsby Cyclone
Blythford Scilla
Shilstone Rocks Another Bunch
Shilstone Rocks Fury
Whitmore Honeybunch
Springs Rowan
Brandsby Sapphire
Blythford Scilla



06/04/2006 West Midlands Stallion Show 1st
29/05/2006 Area 5 1st
11/06/2006 East Anglia Native Pony Show 1st & Res Youngstock Champion & Res Champion Dartmoor
17/06/2006 Northern Dartmoor Show 1st & Yearling Champion
05/07/2006 The Royal Show 1st
13/07/2006 The Great Yorkshire Show 1st & Res Champion
28/08/2006 Area 4 1st
26/05/2008 Area 5 1st & Res
21/06/2008 Northern Dartmoor 1st, Champion Youngstock, Champion Female, Res Supreme, Top of the North Champion
10/07/2008 Great Yorkshire Show 1st
19/07/2008 Eastern Dartmoor 1st,Youngstock Champion, Female Champion and Supreme Champion
25/07/2008 Border Union 1st and Youngstock Champion
2008 DPS Awards 1st Youngster of the Year
20/06/2010 Northern Dartmoor 1st, Champion Broodmare, Champion Female, Top of the North Champion and Reserve Supreme
10/07/2010 Royal Show 1st
14/07/2010 Great Yorkshire Reserve Champion
06/08/2010 NPS Championships 1st
13/08/2010 Ponies UK 1st
31/08/2010 NPS Area 4 1st and Reserve Champion



Springwater Stop the Music
Springwater Intermezzo
1st Royal Show / 1st Great Yorkshire Show / 1st NPS Championships.